Your research will begin with an Internet search

Using the presentation can someone find 2 newpaper,books, or article sources and 8 websites. Please included everything that is stated below in the summary. Have a half page with the questions answered and below it please state the source or website.


Your research will begin with an Internet search, citing at least eight (8) sites dedicated to your topic. Look for sites of world organizations, interest groups, government agencies, etc. to get information on your topic. You must write a brief (half to a full page, typed-double-spaced) synopsis of the material found within each site. Each synopsis must include the full citation of the website using MLA standards for bibliographies.

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Some suggested sites:



Synopsis Format – The format for each synopsis will include:


  • The citation of the website, in MLA format.


  • An annotation – a brief description and evaluative passage of the source that provides a critical summary of the content, scope, and context of the resource. This MUST include:


  • A brief description of the website and the information found
  • An evaluation on the validity of the source (credibility, bias, etc).
  • An indication of how this source contributes to information relevant to your topic.
  • Any relevant comparisons or contrasts to other sites you have cited.


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