Write a memory matching game.Create a Grid/Table ‘game board’ that is X by X cells. X is a value that…

Language Needs to be:   C++



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Write a memory matching game. Create a Grid/Table ‘game board’ that is X by X cells. X is a value that can range between 4 and 8. Have the game board size dimension chosen by the game player, before the start of the game. The larger the board dimension, the more difficult the game. Hint: Keep each cell size 8 characters whether filled or empty Create 5 files, each with a list of 40 single words that are related. Use names or abbreviations that are less than or equal to 8 characters! Example: a file with different names of birds, or Different sports teams.. l Your decision on the 5 subjects At the start of the game have the player select the subject of the game. (i.e. which file of names to load into the game board) Read the file and randomly pick the correct number of words for the game. The Number words will depend on the size of game board (x by x) Note: If the game board is 8 by 8, it has 64 cells, so you only need 32 names. Remember that this is a matching game, the name is used twice. Display the game board grid. It needs to be well aligned and looking good. Have the Row number to the left of the row and column numbers atop the column. The play: The user selects a first row/column; the computer refreshes the board showing the value at that cell. The user selects a second row/column; the computer refreshes the board, showing the value at the cell. If there is a match, the matching two values remain showing. If there is no match, the board remains static for 5 seconds, then the two unmatched cell are emptied. Keep a timer for the play. Keep track of the best time for that board size


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