Wk 2, MHA 516: DR 1

175 – 265 words

Cite at least one peer-reviewed reference

Agree and further the conversation to the below response:

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Alicia Crumb

As I was reading all the different responses I started thinking about my participants that do speak English but still have a major language barrier. For example someone who has had brain damage and the part of their brain that uses language is damaged. They are not able to easily state their culture or feelings but they have capacity to make decisions. Sometimes others jump to the idea that only a “new” culture in that area is affected but it is not always “new’ people that are affected by this problem. I have seen this with many stroke patients. They have their language affected to the point where they are not understood and they go into the ER without family to help explain what is wanted and they have problems getting the correct treatment. I think many see a language barrier as being English Vs foreign language and it’s not. Someone that does not have their hearing aids that can’t Read or write can be just as bad as someone that speaks Russian in an all English Speaking hospital.

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