W8 Discussion


There are two basic overall shapes that an organizational structure can assume: centralized or decentralized. Each organization is unique and can demonstrate some characteristics of both, but most organizations tend to fall more toward one type or the other.

First, read Chapter 14 in the text.

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Next, please watch the following video clip from the lab:

  • Chapter 14: Concept Clip: Centralized Vs. Decentralized Control


Research the company you have chosen for your final project and do your best to determine the current structure of the company (centralized or decentralized). Share current resource (less than 8 weeks old) and examples to support why you chose centralized or decentralized. If you were leading the company, would you leave the structure as-is? Why or why not?

Review a minimum of two of your classmate’s posts and respond with additional insights, information, questions, or links to more information on organization types and/or examples. Do you agree with their assessment of the type of structure for their organization?  Do you see any patterns in the class as to how many organizations are identified as centralized versus decentralized? Your responses should be academic in nature and linked to research and management topics discussed this week rather than personal stories of shopping with the company they chose for example.


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