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The movie “The bucket List” is about a billionaire, Edward Cole, and a car mechanic, Carter Chambers. Edward Cole owns the hospital where Chambers and him shared a room together on the cancer unit. Although they are complete strangers but as time goes, they become closer. They also discovered they only had about a year to live. Chamber then begins a list that he titled “The Bucket List”, and they both decided that they should complete the list of things before they die. Against medical advice, they left the hospital and went on an adventure to complete the list. During the adventure, they lived more than they have in their many years of life. They experienced the Safari in Africa, skydiving, racecar driving, seeing the Pyramids and many more. Their journey showed the ultimate way to live during the final days of life.


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   Aging is portrayed in a positive way. Older adults are portrayed as being hopeful, regardless of the situation. Although at the beginning, Edward Cole is a man that would fit the stereotype that older adults are rude or grumpy but going forward it proved that isn’t always the case. Both Cole and Chamber didn’t want to sit in a hospital room and wait until they pass, like most older adults.

            Personally, I would say I want the life that movie portrayed for the older adults because there were plenty of positive and healthy messages about aging in the film. For me it is better to live life to fullest at old age, than pass away with so many regrets. 

             The movie taught me the importance of living life to the full. Regardless of how old an individual is, it is important to feel as if you have accomplished something and have left positive impact on someone else; and that is exactly what both Chambers and Cole did in the movie. It was amazing to see such a lovely friendship portrayed. Although they did not know each other very long, their friendship allowed them to experience the world in such little time

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