Unit 2: Written Assignment Due Date: Thursday by 10:00 p.m. PST Points Possible: 25 – Rubric …

Unit 2: Written Assignment

Due Date:

Thursday by 10:00 p.m. PST

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Points Possible:

25 – Rubric

Deliverable Length:

750 word minimum, not including the Abstract Page, Cover Page, and References Page. At least 3 APA-style sources are required. Papers without a minimum of 3 listed references will be graded as a 0, considered late, and will need to be revised by the late-submission deadline to meet requirements.


APA-style Informative paper.

Click here for a template
/content/enforced/14983-SandboxAndrews10-15/Tutorials/Unit 2 Assignment Tutorial.mp4Click here for tutorial

1. Choose from one of the three Informative topics:

Topic 1: How did the Roman Spartacus, the Haitian Toussaint L Ouverture, and the Mexican-American Cesar Chavez fight to increase the rights of slaves and wage-slaves?

Topic 2: Define wage-slavery. Provide examples of modern-day slavery. Have you ever experienced wage-slavery?

Topic 3: Which U.S. laws increased women s work, voting, and reproductive rights? Can these rights be taken away with the passage of new laws? Are there any current attempts to take away women s current rights?

2.) Create a thesis sentence, based on the topic. Review pages 47-48 in Quick Access.

3.) Create 3 body paragraphs, based on the thesis sentence. Review pages 59-70 in Quick Access.

4.) Add introduction and conclusion paragraphs. Introduction: Review pages 59-60 in Quick Access: Reference for Writers and pages 202-205 in Evergreen: A Guide to Writing with Readings. Conclusion: Review page 70 in Quick Access and pages 205-207 in Evergreen.

5.) Add the thesis sentence to the end of the introduction paragraph. Add a reworded thesis sentence to the beginning of the conclusion paragraph. Review pages 47-48 and 71-76 in Quick Access.

6.) Include transition words and transition sentences. Transition words: Review pages 63-64 in Quick Access. Transition sentences: Review pages 190-193 in Evergreen.

7.) Include a title, section headings, a running header, and page numbers. Review pages 295-306 in Quick Access.

8.) Add a cover page. Review pages 295-298 in Quick Access.

9.) Add a references page. Include at least 3 APA-style researched sources. Sources may not include: course-books, blogs, wikis, question-and-answer sites such as Ask.com, dictionaries, or encyclopedias. Review pages 276-294 and pages 305-306 in Quick Access.

10.) Include in-text citations. Review pages 270-275 and 299-304 in Quick Access.


Submit the assignment as a Microsoft Word document using APA style.


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