u06a1 Employee Discipline

Using the company that you have previously selected (T Mobile)and that was approved by your instructor, research the policies related to employee separation, discipline, and retention of this organization and submit an APA formatted research paper that addresses them.

If these details are unavailable for the organization you chose, you may research those topics below in general, and present recommendations on the bulleted items below. You must make a decision on which one would be best for the organization in the final paper.

All papers must include four outside resources to support your analysis. All projects should contain an introduction, body, and conclusion. For this project you should:

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  • Describe the organization’s formal discipline policies (include information related to harassment, absenteeism, unsafe work practices, poor quality of work, drug or alcohol use, theft, and cyber policies). Include information regarding who is involved in implementing and enforcing these policies.
  • Describe any informal discipline trends that are present in the organization.
  • If the employees are represented by a union(s), describe the policies outlined in the contract.
  • Describe any alternative dispute resolution activities.
  • Describe any outplacement counseling and employee assistance programs that are available.
  • Identify policies that might be missing.
  • Include a discussion as to why these missing policies are needed to protect the organization from litigation.


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