Two page memo

Ch. 7 P. 280


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The sales budget is usually the first and most crucial of the component budgets in a master budget because all other budgets usually rely on it for planning purposes. 


Assume that your company’s sales staff provides information on expected sales and selling prices for items making up the sales budget.  Prepare a two-page memorandum to your supervisor outlining concerns with the sales staff’s input in the sales budget when its compensation is at least partly tied to these budgets.  More generally, explain the importance of assessing any potential bias in information provided to the budget process.



Written Project Requirements


Library Assistance:

Review the Library materials in the Student Resources tab and  this brief tutorial.

Memo format:

Proper memo format can be found online at the Perdue OWL–


You will be using Chapter 7 Communication in Practice p 280 as the basis for this written project.  You will be required to review the situation in the text and provide solutions to the situation based on research. This will be done in the form of a memo to your supervisor explaining your answer that is backed up by research.  You must use at least 2 outside sources (professional journals found in the library) for your research.

Grading Rubric: 




Student Name:

Scale of 5-0 where

5=Requirements met

0=Requirements not met




Format / Citations -20%



o Format: Proper Memo format used



o Memo uses, 1” margins,  12 pt font in Times New Roman style  and pages are numbered 



*Remember if sources are not noted it is considered plagiarism



o Citations:  Sources used in the paper are cited in APA format (author name, date, page number if needed for a direct quote).



o Sources are listed on a separate references page in APA format (alphabetical order by author, if there is one, with all needed information).



Content / Quality -80%



o Content: There is a clear concise opening segment including  the purpose of the memo, the context  and the specific task



o There is a clear context section  this is the event, circumstance, or background of the problem you are solving



o There is a clear task statement where you should describe what you are doing to explain the problem



o There is a clear summary statement that provides a brief statement of the key recommendations you have reached based on your research.



o There is a clear discussion segment that includes all the details and research that support your ideas



o There is a clear closing segment summarizing your key points for the reader.



o There is a smooth transition between paragraphs. 



o The information presented including exhibits is accurate and terms are used correctly. 



o Concepts covered in class are incorporated into the paper.



o No more than 20% of the paper was taken from outside sources.



Memo is not less than 2 and not more than 3 pages of text (not including exhibits and reference page).



o Quality: 2 outsides sources (not the textbook) from professional journals found in the library were used.  



o Used proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation; did not use slang or other forms of casual language.



o Submitted paper on or before the date due.



o Extra credit if the report from the
OWL is submitted and corrections are made.







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