Two Humanities Essay Questions Paper

I need expert in humanities to help me with this two papers. So please do not contact me if you are not familiar with this field.


The papers are from humanities class so your work need to be focus on the course topic stated below.

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The course is about inquires into the relationship of technology to our values-religious,aesthetic,humanistic-and daily practives.Organized both historically and thematically, the course first reciews the notion of humans as technological,”tool-using” creatures; thenfollows the progression of technological innovations (including centralized economic and political power structures) in the Mediterranean/European and trans-Atlantic worlds into the modern age.


First Essay Question:

For the three essay questions listed below, choose one to answer.

1. Compare Francis Bacon’s 17th -century vision of applied knowledge and machinery with the actions of the “Luddites” of the early 19th century. What values are being contested? 

2. What does David Nye mean when he say that tools have inherent narratives? How do tools project stories? Gie three examples from the course or from your own life.

3. Why do we call the Gutenberg press a technological revolution? What elements in the new technology were potentially revolutionary? Sketch out the implications of the new technology and its ramifications for European society over the following 50-100 years. What did it change, or help to change?


Second Essay Question:

Find an article from the New York Times from last September 12, entitled “Free Speech in the Age of YouTube.” Read  the article. Then employ all the relevant knowedge of this semester thus far in writing an essay commentary on the article and the issues it raises.

Here is the link to the article.


Each essay should be 750-1250 words. MLA


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