Trade plan.. Corrections in finances

i had my presentation for the international trade management business plan some days back.



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d professor suggested changes


YOu will have to work only on the finances part…. starting page 21 to page 28



Here are the feedbacks and changes and flaws that were pointed out and we need to fix it. Please fix the problems.



1. If you go onto page 22, the projections of profit and loss account, No loan was added in it. The loan had to be added. As you can see on page 27 and page 28, we had taken loan of 300,000 USD. but it was not added in the profit and loss account.


Also The people said, the balance sheet is wrong, as you can see on page 24, that we have only shown the assets, and not the liabilities. we just put in financed by ( loan, partners, owners equity).. but the liabilities have not been added. Please correct the balance sheet again.



2. If you look at page 23, the direct cost per phone is 572,832 USD per annum ( US $ 91.80 X 6240 phones per annum= US $ 572,832) , and the indirect cost per phone is 795,163 USD.(annual indirect cost is calculated as US $127.4X6240 = US $795,163) Refer page 23.
However one guy pointed out, the direct cost are always higher than the indirect cost. and if that is not the case, that shows your product is going in loss. Please fix this as well.



3. if you look at page 26, the machine and equipments we have given 402,000 USD. the professor said this seems too excessive, as you guys are going to produce phones in finland, and ship it to casablanca, so why do you need so much of a machine and equipment cost so high. ( Please lessen the cost a lot) .. thats what he said.



4. If you look at page 23, the fifth point states, the number of phones is calculated at 20 per day. 20X6 days =120 phones per week and 120X52 weeks = 6240 phones per year.. The professor said that is such a small quantity of phones you are making. It should atleast be minimum 100 per day. ( Please increase the number of phones to 100 per day) and calculate the rest and fix it.



5.Also, could you add up on the strategy section, that we have chosen India as a destination to produce our phones as it is cheap labor, and we will outsource the phone to Nokia plant in India to make it and then send it back to helsinki, and then ship it to Casablanca.



Also we got a recommendation we have to put in marketing costs

About the marketing costs, what figures do we put?
Are we still making profit with thoses figures?

– Billboards in big cities >>> 40,000
– TV campaign: Commercial >>> 100,000
– Internet campaign >> 30,000
– Sales event in malls where there is a young population > 30,000
– Nokia sponsorship of student events > 30,000



you will have to redo the proforma balance sheet, the projected cash flow statements and make changes to it, as discussed above and also make relevant changes if you feel anything needs to be done. The financial part, please make the changes as figures will change. I gave you tips on what is asked for above.



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