To Kill a mocking bird Persuasive Argument

What did Jem, Scout, and Dill learn over the course of the story? Would you consider Atticus Finch a hero? Why or why not? In what way did Boo Radley defy stereotyped expectations? How likely is a repeat of the events of this novel in our modern social and legislative climate? Has a similar injustice happened in recent history? How may average citizens work to prevent further incidents of judicial injustice?


You will write a persuasive argument for Scout to convince Mr. Ewell that he should be more just. To persuade effectively, you must use facts and details from the book.

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The Task

Put yourself in Scout’s position and convince Mr. Ewell that he should be more fair. You are trying to convince your readers–and Mr. Ewell–to accept your point of view. 

The Process

1. Provide reasons for Mr. Ewell to understand and agree with Scout’s point of view on each point.

2. Look at the web sites below to find out different ways to write persuasive essays.

Standard Five-Paragraph Essay
Writing a Persuasive Essay


3. Develop your first draft according to your planning and organizing.

  • Make sure the opening paragraph gains the reader´s attention.
  • Address different sides of the issues.

4. Revise and edit your work.

5. Upload the final draft.


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