This is what I need I have the basis of the essay already ddone I need for some one to…

This is what I need I have the basis of the essay already ddone I need for some one to take the information I already have and use the sites I give for reference as well as their own to compile and finish my 15 page essay that has a title,abstract, and introduction page 1st, page 2 has the thesis, prospectus page, 8 page body with main and sub topics a closing page and finally a reference page I have add ons that I can send you so it can be the way I want it with my layout for MH Disease and disorders with the subtopics using these sites but not limited to them as long as they are creditable and NO PLAGERISM PLS I AM ALREADY BEHIND… sites used for reference are as follows: AND feel free to add your own references for added support to the document APA style heading and title on page 1 APA style page numbering An abstract page Thesis sentence in the first paragraph At least 8 double-spaced pages of text (you’ll add more during the next week). APA style parenthetical citations used appropriately throughout the paper Include the three body sections, combined with transitions. Include an introduction and conclusion which both introduce the topic and bring things to a successful close. APA References list as the last page of the paper with at least 8 references (you should add more from the research completed earlier in the term.


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