Post your working thesis statement and sentence outline here. Make sure that each topic sentence in your outline has a transition and uses words that tie it in with the thesis statement.

Guided response (by Sunday):

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Choose one of your peer’s sentence outlines, and restate, in your own words, the claim being made (the thesis) and the arguments that will support it (expressed in the topic sentences). To create an effective paraphrase of your peer’s outline without reusing much of the original wording, try this technique:

  • Read the outline a few times, until you feel like you have a good understanding of it.
  • Put it aside and don’t look back at it as you write your paraphrase.


Week 4, Discussion 2: Using Apostrophes in Your Writing

The purpose of this discussion is to reinforce your learning about apostrophes by applying it to your own writing and that of others.

Initial post (by Friday): 

Post a sentence from any of your own recent writing that used or should have used an apostrophe. Did you use the apostrophe correctly? Please explain.

Guided response (by Sunday):

Response to another student’s post: Do you agree with the answer and explanation given by the student? Why or why not?


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