The Intergalactic Federation has sent you to the planet Fieso on a diplomatic recon mission. The planet is currently…

The Intergalactic Federation has sent you to the planet Fieso on a diplomatic recon mission. The planet is currently embattled in a cold war between two continents. With both continents vying for your support, you must find a way to diplomatically acquire a bi-weekly transport of “Bubbly fizzy juice” aka Carbonic Acid. The completed trade deal should provide 1649 citizens of space station 1678 aka “planet of exam flunkers” with Carbonic acid for 690 24 hour cycles. You are assuming that each citizen will use their full ration of .039 grams of “bubbly fizzy juice” during each of their 2.5 allotted meals each cycle. Please note that without the “bubbly fizzy” these citizens will “just die”, and while the universe might notice a GPA improvement, certain parents might withdraw their monetary contributions to the Federation exploratory program. The supply transport ship has an onboard laboratory with equipment equivalent to Panola College (including unlimited distilled water). Also, each continent is willing to trade the following reagents every two weeks, but you cannot select both reagents from one continent (unless you want to start a war): Continent 1 26.8 kg of Sodium Hydroxide 24.7 kg of Potassium Thiocyanate 30.2 kg of Sulfuric Acid 28.7 kg of Hydrochloric Acid Continent 2 32.4 kg of Sodium Sulfate 20.7 kg of Potassium Carbonate 29.5 kg of Sodium Carbonate 36.8 kg of Barium Chloride Fully describe the procedure you will use to satisfy the space station and.,, keep the coffers flowing. Your college level explanation (~2 double spaced pages), should include: A brief description of the chemical lecture material relevant to this issue A brief procedure (detailing how you will use chemistry to yield carbonic acid) A balanced chemical equation using the selected reactants Dimensional analysis yielding the following answers (Stoichiometry aka mole-mole fractions will help). Place all stoichiometry in 2 x n tables (2 rows x amount of conversion factors needed). a. How much carbonic acid will you need to make? b. How many trades must you complete with each continent (2 numbers)? c. How long will it take you to get back to “civilization” (complete this mission)?


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