The Impact of Teen Pregnancy

The Impact of Teen Pregnancy

Teen pregnancy dose have a huge impact on the society. In fact, most teens think it’s cool to be pregnant. According to the article “The Effect of Teenage Pregnancy on Society” by Amanda Hermes, that being a pregnant teen does have an impact on society. First, it’s causing the rate of school drop outs to go up. Second, the society financial asset is being taken from them. Thirdly, our household it being that they are bringing an extra person in to the house.The Impact of Teen Pregnancy

According to Amanda Hermes, “Children of teenage mothers are more likely to perform poorly in school, making it difficult for them to graduate from high school and escape the welfare system. ” Thirty four percent of teen mother earn neither a college degree nor a high school diploma. Second, financial asset we as taxpayers are paying for education, health care cost, and increased child welfare costs.

According to Amanda Hermes, “Teen childbearing costs taxpayers at least 9 billion each year. So when the mother or father are not making ends meet to take care of their baby that’s when the taxpayer come in and help out.The Impact of Teen Pregnancy

Perhaps this is because teen moms and dads are less likely to complete school, making it hard for them to obtain higher-paying jobs. Lastly, the household if the house is already overcrowded. According to Amanda Hermes, “Stress, changing relationships, financial concerns, loss of trust, and tough decisions come in to play in the household when a teen gets pregnant.

” So it either up to the parents of the teens or the teens to come up with the money and the sleeping arrangements to take care of a human being. Our household is part of society, what goes on on the inside may affect how the teens react on the outside.

Teen pregnancy has a lot of different impacts on the society. With education it’s estimated that over the course of his or her lifetime, a single dropout costs the nations approximately 260,000 in lost earning, taxes, and productivity. As taxpayer our financial asset is being used to help take care of the single teen’s moms. The household bringing an extra person in means worrying about money, sleeping arrangements and stress. So we as a whole in this society need to talk more with our teens and let them know the impact that teen pregnancy have on the society. The Impact of Teen Pregnancy