The Debate Over Medical Marijuana

The Debate Over Medical Marijuana

The medicinal marijuana discussion is consuming the entire illegal drug regulation field. The treated and untreated cannabis vegetal, or its essential formulation is being used in managing disease symptoms and pain related illness. No endorsement, and no acknowledgment so far, have been rendered to marijuana in any fashion with regards to medication by the governing body of Drug Administration the FDA-The Federal Food & Drug Administration. The ages of scientific studies have forced the FDA into accepting some medicines that contain cannabinoid compounds in treatment.The Debate Over Medical Marijuana

Individual researchers have claimed that the plant has various element chemicals that may help treat and disease symptoms. The legalization unpassed brought the arguments of the drug medical purposes (Stogner, Sanders, & Miller, 2014). The authorization of medical cannabis has been the most provocative area of State policy change over the past two decades. As many as 33 states, in addition to the District of Columbia, provide medical marijuana compensation.

About 10 States, and the District of Columbia, have the recreational legalization of Marijuana use (Stogner, Sanders, & Miller, 2014).

However, little or no contact at all to if the so-called medicinal plant is actually a good quantifiable used to any significant degree. With the worries in government based clinical investigations to the herb, federal rules, and classification of this drug has enforced preventing quantified investigational researching (NIDA, 2018). Fewer interviews have studied and acknowledged the behavior of individuals meddling in dishonesties or diversion (Bowles et al.

, 2017).The Debate Over Medical Marijuana

A high percentage of people using these drugs have engaged in some medication diversions, and only a small sample size of patients reported doing that. Most individual applicants have chronic pain, some form of mental health conditions, or sleeplessness, and about a third of the interviewees have used cannabis in place of other drugs or prescription pills (Bowles et al., 2017). This paper will be focused on the potential drug abuse use by individuals using the cover of medical marijuana card authorization to misuse the treatment. The writings will use researched numbers to analyze the problem (Bowles et al., 2017).

Another investigation was absorbed on doctor’s deception, primarily defined any dishonest patient who engaged directly in an attempt of acquiring access to medications or the marijuana card (Bowles et al., 2017). Doctor deception embraces individuals getting a restricted or controlled substance, more dosages, stronger doses, or stronger than needed pharmacological agents. Virtually all the studies directed to drug diversion by patient-based investigation failed to address the doctor’s deception directly (Beth, Marcus, & Reidenberg, 2007). The study also enumerated the number of patients that abuse, divert, or mismanagement medicine and directed consideration on traffickers, abusers, or who were recognized through care providers or law enforcement. The Debate Over Medical Marijuana