Summary on lord of the flies

(a) watch “Lord of Flies” (any version is ok), and (b) write and post a short review/analysis (see instructions below) on this forum.

The film for this week is a stark contrast from the “Truman Show”. Your task is to watch the film and to analyze how humans might act in a “state of nature.” As I note in the lecture, “Lord of the Flies” is a very negative perspective on human behavior/nature. Does it capture reality correctly?

Write a 250-300 word review/analysis that contains the following parts.  Your paper must contain two equal-length parts. You may intertwine the two parts but must cover both parts equally.

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1. A brief summary of the film        a. Outline the main topics, plot and characters,        b. Identify and discuss the political ideas (represented by symbols, myths, portrayals, characters) present in the films (What political ideas and ideologies are introduced, how are they represented, what dichotomies commonly found in ideologies are presented, etc.)

2. An analysis of the film’s connection to “reality.”   (What is the intent of the writers/directors? What ideas are they trying to convey and how do they want you to understand their perspective? Are the films believable, i.e., a good interpretation of reality?)

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