Strategic Issues and recommendations-4 pages or longer- APA format

A written research paper in APA format. Be certain in writing that you adhere to APA citation guidelines (in text and Reference). Make sure to proofread carefully. Grammar and spelling errors will impact the grading. The paper is a Strategic Plan of your organization. The paper will be worth 30% of your grade. Please read the following for the design and requirements of the Strategic Plan:

Also, will be used after the paper is completed. It is submitted through that site to make sure another students paper hasn’t been copied or any other type of plagerism.


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The paper is on the company Google. It needs peer reviewed scholarly journals, newspapers, magazine articles, books as references. It mainly needs scholarly journals as references. I have attached articles that you can use which are from my school library. Other references can be used as well too. I need tonight by 7pm (19:00).


The Strategic Plan of your organization should contain the following:




Identify and fully support and discuss the most important strategic issue facing your organization. It is extremely important that you clearly integrate the strategic issue with your analysis to the organization’s SWOT. There often interrelationships between particular weaknesses and threats or missed opportunities, which should be recognized. It’s possible that 2 different weaknesses, 1 threat and 1 opportunity could be combined, due to their relatedness, to form one strategic issue.


Similarly, your recommendations should attempt to capitalize and build upon strengths, competitive advantages and opportunities that you identified. The point is to clearly ground your issue and recommendations with the internal and external analyses.


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