Stats Assistance for a Project

It is expected that you will present a ‘professional’ looking document for this project. You may use any tools that you wish. Graphing calculator, Excel, Minitab, and other software programs are all acceptable. Be sure to answer all questions in simple declarative sentences. Present 2 copies of your project with one staple in the top left corner of each copy. At the top of the first page please place your name, the Course name (STA 2023: Statistical Methods). (No binders please). Five points will be deducted from your score for every day this assignment is late. If you choose to do the graphs by hand be sure to use a straightedge, graphing paper and to clearly label all necessary points. Neatness counts! English Counts! Read these directions carefully because adhering to them counts too!

Your presentation will address an audience that is not familiar with statistics. Think of it as a project to be sent with a job application. Explain what you are doing and why in clear and correct language. You may get assistance on this project from any source, but the final presentation must be your work.

In the appendix of our text is a data set ‘Health Exam Results.’ Page 616 or Page 617. For this project the men will use the set on Page 616, and the women will use the set on Page 617. Take the appropriate measurement for your own body (or if you don’t want to use yourself you may use an unnamed friend – or foe.) That is, you will be adding one to the original n.

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Use the column labeled Weight
    A. Construct a frequency distribution using 5 – 7 classes. (Be sure to add your weight also.)
    B. Using that frequency distribution construct a Histogram. Are the data skewed or not?     Why or why not?
    C. List the 5-number summary and construct a Boxplot.
    D. Find the standard deviation and a z-score for the weight that you added. Is your z-score     unusual? Why or why not? (Show the work as well as your reasoning in written         narrative.)

Grading  (show all work – if a calculator is used explain steps taken to get the result)

Followed Directions                                               10%
Overall Presentation (grammar, neatness)             10%
Frequency Distribution (5 – 7 classes)                   10%
Histogram (labels – title)                    20%
5 number summary                                                 10%
Boxplot                            10%
S – with explanation                        10%
Z score for weight added                     10% (Show clearly the weight added and the formula used to obtain the z score).
Z unusual? (Work and reasoning – be specific)      10%


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