Stats Assignment

1.  Is the Massachusetts data set population or sample data?  Please explain your answer.


2.  Is the Boston data set population or sample data?  Please explain your answer.

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3.  Are the values in columns E, F, and G discrete or continuous variables?  Please explain your answer.


4.  Label a worksheet “4. MA sorted” and perform a custom sort on the Massachusetts data on “complete reports” from highest to lowest.  To make a copy for sorting, right click on the worksheet name “Massachusetts” then click copy. An additional “Massachusetts” worksheet will appear and you will need to rename that worksheet “MA sorted”


5.  Label a worksheet “5. Boston sorted” and sort the Boston “Complete Reports” from lowest to highest.   What is the average number of completed reports for Massachusetts and for Boston.


6.  Label a worksheet “6.  MA categorized”.  Create this additional worksheet the same way you created the new sheet in question 4.  Add a column that transforms the “Missing Reports” to “Missing Categories”.  Hospitals with 0-3 missing reports are category A; 4-6 are category B and 7-9 are category C.


7.  Using the Boston dataset, create a basic bar graph that shows the number of complete reports for each hospital.  Be sure to label the sheet “7. Boston bar graph”


8.  Perform a custom sort on the Massachusetts data and create a listing which is alphabetical order by city name.  You will be sorting the entire string of data that goes with the city name (not just listing the cities).  You will need a new worksheet and you should label it “8. MA city sort”


9.  Create a frequency distribution of the completed reports for the Massachusetts dataset on a worksheet labeled “9. MA freq completed reports”.


10.  Create a pie chart of the complete reports for the Boston dataset and display on a worksheet labeled “10. Boston pie”.


11.  Create a cumulative frequency distribution for missing reports in the Massachusetts dataset and display all of your work on a worksheet labeled “11. MA freq missing reports”.


12.  Create a worksheet labeled “12. Narrative” And answer the following questions:


a.  Please list and describe the four types of frequency distributions. 

b.  Which type of distribution applies to the one you created for question 9?


13.  Create a worksheet labeled “13. Hypothesis” and using the Massachusetts dataset test the hypothesis H0: complete reports for cities =3 against the alternative H1: complete reports <3, and indicate your conclusion.


Please create a worksheet labeled “14.-15. Narrative” and answer the following two questions.


14.  Which statistical test is used to assess the independence of two variables when both variables are categorical? 


15.  Which statistical test is used to assess the independence of two variables when one variable is a numerical variable measured in either discrete or continuous units and the other is a categorical variable taking on only two values.



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