statistics Homework

Dawn and David are researchers who have been examining mortality data for the top ten causes of death, nationwide. They have been reviewing mortality reports from the Center for Disease Control database and are interested in determining whether or not causes of death differ between males and females for each of four geographic regions (North, South, Midwest, West).

You will need the “Causes of Death” data file to analyze in creation of your Research Paper.  The data file is available in the Course Content section of our classroom.

 Remember that you will need to conduct a literature review regarding causes of death, and related to your research questions.

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Based upon the data set provided, please answer the following questions in the discussion section of your Research Paper:

1) What are the research hypothesis(es) and what type research question does it represent (descriptive, relationship, difference)?  State each of the corresponding null hypotheses.

2) What is the independent variable?   What are the dependent variables?

3) Construct a FREQUENCY DISTRIBUTION, based upon the data set provided.

4) Compute the mean number of “unintentional injury” deaths for females and for males.

5) Which inferential statistic is MOST appropriate to determine whether males and females differed along the research conditions?  

Based upon either accepting or rejecting the null hypothesis:

6) Is there a difference between males and females for each of the top ten causes of death? 


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