speech class

By Tuesday, March 13, 2013, complete the Speech Outline Template for your informative speech. Comment on the visual aids, speech content, and references that you used for your speech. Submit your outline to the W3: Assignment 2 Dropbox

Part II: Informative Speech

By Tuesday, March 13, 2013, record and post your informative speech to the W3: Assignment 2 Dropbox. Your speech should be at least five minutes in length.Review the checklist of criteria for a good quality informative speech to be sure you remembered everything.

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Informative Speech Checklist

  1. Was the goal designed to increase audience knowledge of the subject?
  2. Was the speaker credible and skilled?
  3. Was the speech intellectually stimulating?
  4. Was the speech creative?
  5. Is the information relevant?
  6. Was emphasis used in the speech?
  7. Was the speech well organized?
  8. Were visual aids effective and used well?
  9. Were the main points well made?
  10. Was there a good introduction?
  11. Was there a good conclusion?
  12. Did the speaker use good voice tone, inflection, and volume?
  13. How was the overall quality and effectiveness?
  14. Was the speech at least five minutes in length?
Assignment 2 Grading Criteria
Maximum Points
Submitted a completed Speech Outline Template to theDropbox.
The speech was designed to increase audience knowledge of the subject.
The speaker was credible and skilled.
The speech was intellectually stimulating.
The speech was creative.
The information was relevant.
Emphasis was used in the speech.
The speech was well organized.
Visual aids were effective and used well.
The main points were well made.
There was a good introduction.
There was a good conclusion.
The speaker used good voice tone, inflection, and volume.
The overall quality and effectiveness was good.

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