Spanish Assignment 14 Questions. Conjugate Verbs Basic Spanish ETC

Assignment als attached in word document below



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1. Instructions for Questions 1 – 5: Use the verb tener (CONJUGATE IT DEPENDING ON THE PRONOUN GIVEN IN EACH SENTENCE) to tell what you would do in the following circumstances. Use original responses.

            Example            Question: Yo tomo café cuando___________________

                                    Answer: Yo tomo café cuando tengo sueño.

1.  Tú abres la ventana cuando él__________________________.

(Points : 1)



2. Ellas comen cuando_________________________.



3. Tú corres cuando ____________________.



4. Nosotros dormimos cuando_____________________.



5. Yo necesito un abrigo (overcoat) cuando__________________.



6. Question. Describe in Spanish what information is required on a job application (Solicitud de Trabajo).  Use at least three full sentences, with accents and tildes if needed (indicate them after the letter noted if you cannot copy from a word file here).  



7. Question. In Spanish, tell about a Hispanic festival or holiday that you have read about or experienced. Write at least FIVE full sentences, and watch out for accents and other marks, indicating them after the letter that needs them if you cannot copy directly from a word file. Your responses must be different than those already posted in the discussion board.



8. Instructions for questions 8 – 12:  Finish these sentences in an original way. Use the present tense only, and be careful with punctuation. Write your own concluding phrases.  As usual, watch out for accent marks, and utilize the Spanish language in all responses.

            Example            Question: Marta no come carne. Ella ____________________________.
                                    Answer: Marta no come carne. Ella come papas con huevos y tortillas.

8.  Paula no estudia.  Ella_____________________.




9. Nosotros queremos ir a la playa.  El domingo______________________.



10. A los chicos les gusta bailar.  Ellos_____________________________.



11. La fiesta es a las ocho.  Pablo y yo__________________________.



12. Yo prefiero beber agua, pero en el club nosotros______________________.



13. Question. Please read the following job sites out loud. Then create an original sentence using each word. Write out your original sentence completely. Make sure that you submit a sentence for each word.

            Example            Question: La cafetería
                                    Answer: La mesera trabaja en la cafetería.

a. El supermercado
b. El hospital
c. La escuela
d. La mueblería
e. La tienda
f. La oficina
g. El aeropuerto
h. El rancho
i. La corte
j. El taller


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