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1-The family is a cultural universal because it meets very important needs for the society and the individual. Why do you think the family is so indispensable for the society and for individuals in the society? Please use the discussions in the reading and your own experiences and observations to discuss what you consider to be three of the most important functions of the family. Who met those needs for you? Which of the three you have chosen seems to present to biggest challenge for our modern families? Why do you think so?


2-Family forms and functions reflect the necessity to adapt to challenges. As society changes, families must change their structures as behaviors. [For example, immigrants find tremendous differences and many new challenges that they must respond to.]

The readings have identified a variety of family structures and factors that have contributed to this diversity. Choose three diverse structures and add to the discussion of why these forms exist. Are any of these similar to your own family experiences? If so, discuss some important factors that have created this pattern. If not, discuss some important factors contributing to the differences between your family and these other forms. What kinds of advantages and/or disadvantages help to explain these differences?


If you quote sociologist William J Goode, you will get extra points.


****Will be posting a lot on this subject, looking to work with one teacher, someone who is very good at this subject/Sociology*****



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