Singapore Investments in Medical and Health

Singapore Investments in Medical and Health

Investing in research and development of the healthcare system is vital for Singapore’s future because “by 2030, the number of Singaporeans aged 65 and above is projected to double to 900,000” (Population Sg, 2016) As the immune system of these elderlies are worsening, they would be prone to more illnesses and diseases. To prevent Singapore’s future to consist mostly of sickly elderly, the investment in research and development in Singapore’s healthcare can help to counter the rising issues of these elderly by improving the precision of care, constructing more healthcare spaces and employ more healthcare personnel to care for these elderly.Singapore Investments in Medical and Health

Improving the precision of care

National University of Hospital (NUH) had a Telehealth project which enables patients to be self-reliant by overseeing the state of their health and taking care of themselves through their own efforts from home and emphasises on the collection and the analysis of health information provided by the participants. Given entry to view these data, medical professionals can improve the service’s efficiency, consistency and the accuracy that they offer as well as the regularity of the outcomes as well.

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(EDB Singapore, 2017). This benefits the elderly as they are monitored by medical professionals and would receive enhanced care which caters to their needs.

Constructing more healthcare spaces

Ministry of Health (MOH) is attempting to build more facilities that cater to the demands of the growing ageing population in Singapore. MOH said that they are progressing to meet their target of 6200 daycare facilities, 10000 spaces for homecare and 17000 nursing houses by 2020.

(The Straits Times, 2018). The ageing population benefits from this as they are more prone to illnesses and have brittle and fragile bones. Because such places have professionals to supervise and care for them if they ever fall sick or fall down.Singapore Investments in Medical and Health

The employment of more healthcare personnels

According to the 2020 Healthcare Manpower Plan that the government has came up with, the government strives to increase the number of people working in the healthcare industry by 30 000, trying to enlarge the present medical industry by 33% and ensure sufficiency of healthcare personnels catering to the growing ageing population. (TODAYonline, 2016). This addition means that there are more people to care, supervise and monitor the elderly’s health status and medical conditions and is very favourable to them as there are more people to meet or cater to the demands, wants and necessity of the elderly.


In conclusion, the growing ageing population is an issue in Singapore and their healthcare demands will continue to be an important factor in thinking about the quality of services offered to them as well as the supply of people catering to them. It would require the government to coordinate between the different facilities that cater to the elderly and bring out the best, accurate and extensive medical care from the professionals to the elderly. Singapore Investments in Medical and Health