send me on a trip – fun global research project – big bucks!



Send me on a Trip: Your supervisor has announced that you have been selected as one of four employees from your company who will travel from your current location to visit a sister company in the country of (your choice) for four weeks. You are to research and report on how to prepare yourself and your fellow traveling employees for the trip by addressing the following questions or topics:

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·         How should the employees prepare themselves for the trip? What documents will be needed to travel abroad and how are they obtained? Provide the details including costs, forms, and documentation necessary to travel abroad to the selected destination.

·         Research the travel arrangements for the trip to take place approximately 6-9 months from now including the costs and flight arrangements. Include an itinerary of the travel to and from the selected country referring to time zone differences. Include a map of the location of the country and the location of your destination. Ensure that you can properly pronounce the name of the country and cities to which you refer.

·         Research the weather and/or seasons for the four weeks of the visit. What type of clothing should be taken? What kind of accommodations will be available?

·         What language is used in the area? What can you do to prepare for any language barriers?

·         Research and describe the social culture as well as the business culture of that country. Research the dominant religion in that region and describe it.

·         Research the currency and exchange rate of the destination.

·         What is the business culture including business etiquette, typical work day, unemployment rate, and how employees travel to their respective jobs?

·         How does that country handle business relationships? What are the work ethics?

·         If you were to provide a gift for your host, what would be appropriate? What gift would be inappropriate?

·         What is the format of a business meeting? How are business meetings conducted? What might you and your co-workers expect in a business meeting? What business protocol can you expect?

·         What are the most significant historical or news events of that region over the past 30 years?


Heres how the paper needs to be put together:

·         Title Page

·         Table of contents

·         Body

·         Conclusion

·         ;Recommendations

·         ;Appendix (optional)

·         ;References

·         List all references in APA style format



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