Riordan HR Integration Schedule

 File name should have been “Week 2 George”

   Project within scope of assignment, though there is duration on the Support

 Product task.

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   You failed to meet the 42 detail task count requirement.  36

   Project Start Date properly set.

   The Summary Task Name for the Project should reflect the entire project and

 be suffixed with  Moniker.  See Instructor Policies.

   Some of your tasks need to be clarified.  As stated in the Week 2 welcome,

 when developing a schedule, the lowest or work level task must be action

 oriented and should consist of a verb and an object.  

   Some of the tasks do not fit within the Summary.  For example, you have

 “Perform Vendor Response Requirements Gap Analysis” within “Integration Build

 and Test”.  

   The integrated HRIS is being developed in house with contractors that on

 board from the previously failed project.  Even if there were to be a purchased

 product, what is it that the vendors have responded to?   See additional

 comments within content section.

   First, the budget has been determined by Riordan.  Riordan management will

 review your schedule and based on various criteria, determine whether to accept

 the schedule.  Your proposed costs would be the cost of the project as

 reflected within the schedule.

   Second, the schedule needs to reflect the work necessary to develop the

 integrated HRIS in house.   Tasks need to be expanded to support the analysis,

 design, and development of each of the HRIS modules (sub-systems) including

 unit testing, integration testing, user testing, development of training, etc.,

 as indicated in the feedback of your Statement of Work, which contained no

 indication that a package would be procured. 

   Though all of your tasks are Auto Scheduled, As Soon As Possible, there are

 numerous spelling errors, which detract from the quality of the schedule.

   See details in the Assignment Tab Attachment


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