Assignment Directions

In this assignment students will create an entry-level resume promoting current skills and qualifications. Students will then use this resume to simulate applying for a job opportunity. The directions for the assignment are as follows:

  • Prepare a resume highlighting your current skills, employment experience, educational background and transferrable skills you possess to date.

The final resume resume must meet the following criteria:

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  • Must be typed and labeled with a professional file name
  • Spelling, punctuation, grammar used correctly and is free of both grammatical and spelling errors
  • The format must be easy to read, clear, concise, neat, and spaced evenly including consistent font size between 10-12 throughout the document
  • Document is neat and skills and abilities are easily understood
  • Limit of one to two pages
  • Must include name, address, phone, and/or email address
  • Include bold headings/sections that are appropriate; including at a minimum Objective, Education, Work Experience/Employment,
  • Use action words (verbs) to describe accomplishments.
  • Must include relevant skills and abilities supported by examples of work experience
  • Word choice is well developed by using correct phrases

Assignment Grading Rubric


Meets Minimal Standards

Does Not Meet Minimal Standards


Uses 1 page;

Sections are spaced evenly

Headings are bolded and capitalized

Content indented under headings

Uses size 10 to12 font, but only one font size used

Exceeds 1-2 pages

Sections poorly spaced

Headings do not stand out

Content not indented under headings

Use of boxes, graphics, shading

Template used


Name, address, phone, email included in three lines

Incomplete information

Resume Sections

Includes: Heading, Objective, Education, Skills/Abilities, Work and/or Volunteer exp.

Not all required sections listed


Appropriate personal information

Relevant skills/abilities supported by examples of experience

Complete Work and/or Volunteer exp.

Personal information includes age,

SS #, height, weight, religion

Incomplete Work/Volunteer exp. info





Uses correct spelling , punctuation and grammar, nouns are capitalized

More than 3 errors


Word Choice

Used correct phrases but word choice need development

Refers to self as “I” or “Me”

Uses full sentences


Professionally named and titled resume correctly, and has a professional email address

Extra blank page attached

Saved with unprofessional title

Documents not attached correctly

Came from unprofessional email address



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