Provide solutions using AU_PSY101_Template_

Assignment 3: Areas of Specialization

There are many wonderful opportunities of specialization in the field of psychology with many different focuses and interests. In this assignment you will be able to review some of these specialties and work to match an area of study with the specialization.

  • Using your textbook and our lecture pages correctly identify the subject of study and its corresponding area of specialization and give justification of answer.
  • Describe the main elements of each area of specialization in psychology.
  • Select and justify a possible research method for the study.

Provide  solutions using AU_PSY101_Template_W1_A3 and submit it to the M1: Assignment 3 Dropbox by the end of Wednesday, November 21, 2012. Name your submission following this naming convention example: LastNameFirstInitial_W1_A3.doc. For example, if your name is John Smith, your submission will be named as SmithJ_W1_A3.doc.

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Assignment 3 Grading Criteria
Maximum Points
Related correctly each subject of study with an appropriate school of thought.
Described the main elements of each area of specialization in psychology.
Justified choices of answers by providing the rationale.
Selected a possible research method of study and gave rationale.
Used correct spelling and grammar in submissions and used APA standards.




Areas of Specialization




Subjects of study in psychology

Areas of specialization in psychology (match with below options)

Definition and key points of this specialization (be sure to use professional sources)

Rationale (reason why you matched this subject of study with this specialization in psychology)

Possible research method of study (experimental, correlational, observational, case study, interview) and why this one may fit the best


Studying the causes of aggression in reaction to others in their environment.








Studying the period when a newborn child recognizes his or her parent.






Sharing some research about the best strategies to manage work place stress.






Determining which chemical or neurotransmitter might be activated when people use coffee as a memory or performance “enhancer”.







Reviewing the thought process of someone who has difficulties remembering things long-term.






Methods to gain possible diagnoses in efforts to understand emotional problems.







Use these as the possible specializations to use in the above chart:


Clinical psychology or Clinical Psychologists

Health psychology
Biological psychology or Neuropsychologists
Developmental psychology
Social and personality
Cognitive psychology




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