Propose Paper

Prepare one, double-spaced page in which you propose the paper you intend to write. You proposal should include the following information:

I CHOOSE  Business and Business Ethics

  1. Topic Selection – State the topic you selected from the list provided in Guidelines for Writing the Research Paper (located in the Ancillary Materials directory of Doc Sharing).
  2. Initial Research – Based on your research and reading thus far, explain how you have narrowed or limited your topic.
  3. Proposed Thesis – Describe (in no more than two or three sentences) what you will argue in your research paper. Use information in this course, Writing College Research Papers, and the Ashford Writing Center to help you develop your thesis. Remember: A thesis statement is an argument (not an observation); it tells your readers how you will interpret the topic(s) you plan to cover in your paper.

Please include a reference page for any cited resources and be sure that all in-text citations follow the APA style. For information regarding APA samples and tutorials, visit the Ashford Writing Center.

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Word Range: 200-250 words
Estimated Time on Task: 2-3 hours

Submission Information: Complete the tasks above as MS Word or compatible DOC or DOCX files and submit them via the corresponding assignment links. Please use a naming convention for your assignment files that includes your last name, the week number, and the assignment number. So, your Paper Proposal assignment should bear a file name that looks like this: smith_w1_a1.doc


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