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 Based on the client project brief above, prepare a high level but comprehensive procurement  report for the client, which: 1. Provides a ‘road map’ for the Local Authority, demonstrating how you should procure each  of the works and services, how the client can ensure that the scheme is completed within  budget and on time, how the client and funding partners will be involved at each stage of  the process, and other specific consultants and project participants you propose they  MCE | Learning and Teaching Version 2.0 | Page 4 of 6 should procure and their primary roles in the process. In the submitted report, due  consideration should be given to: a) Identifying the client and stakeholder needs based on this brief and associated  documentation, b) the most suitable procurement arrangement, bearing in mind the variety of options, c) the most suitable main standard form of contract to support the overall strategy, d) The most suitable tendering strategy for obtaining the most economically  advantageous tender, e) the mechanism for pricing and agreeing the price for the project, 2. Provide a critical analysis of how the Sunderland City Council and its development partners  might be able to achieve their broad aim of driving efficiencies through the supply chain and thereby save 15% of total construction and design costs. 


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