Position Essay on Gay Adoption


ENGL 112 Position Essay


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Logically, the Position essay draws upon earlier research from the Exploratory essay, the Annotated Bibliography, the Argument Proposal, and Counter Argument assignments. In the Position essay, you will argue for your position without ignoring other positions.



Topic: Choose the issue from the Exploratory paper to write your Position paper. Your topic should be debatable. Clearly show your position and use sources to convince your reader the position you hold is valid.




Once you have an issue, you will need to use effective reasoning and specific information to make your position convincing. You are required to use a minimum of five outside sources to support your argument. Make sure you use a variety of source types (books, magazines, journals, newspapers, and so forth) and were taken from reliable databases such as those found on the Virtual Library. Standard reference works (dictionaries, encyclopedias, and Wikipedia) should not be used. Remember, the claim is the thesis statement of an argument paper and therefore expresses your opinion.




**you can use sources/information from each source needed from the exploratory essay attached – means you don’t need to find/search for the sources.




Review the argumentative techniques studied. As you write your position on the issue, you will need to make clear for the reader your reasons for the position you hold. You will also need to refute other possible positions.




Focus: Focus is on one position or perspective found in the earlier Exploratory essay.




Audience: The audience is appropriately identified stakeholders interested in and affected by the issue.




Organization and Development: Be sure to explain the issue in the introduction of your essay. Make sure the controlling ideas presented in the paper are yours and that all sources are clearly cited in the text of your essay. Include a Works Cited/Reference page and proper in-text citations for the documentation style per your instructor’s requirements.


After identifying the specific material for your claim, add proofs to make your paper more convincing.




Use a list or outline to address the following items in your paper.




1.         Introduce the issue.


2.         Explain the controversy and what others have claimed about this issue.


3.         Explain the prominent positions.


4.         Explain in detail how you agree or disagree with the positions held about your issue.


5.         Consider the audience value for the paper.


6.         Give evidence and support for your claim about the issue.


7.         Decide where to put your most powerful evidence.


8.         Decide how and where the rest of your evidence will be presented.


9.         Decide where in the paper you should show the opposing views.


10.       Acknowledge what has been left out of the discussion about the topic.


Section 1.01 Length and Format: 2,000 to 2,500 words, plus Works Cited or Reference page following MLA or APA formatting guidelines both in the text and in the Works Cited or Reference page per your instructor’s guidelines.


Coherence: Show the connections between the evidence presented and your claim.




**this is an ongoing assignment — attached are other assignments ive turned in for this topic (gay adoption) so you can get a feel for my views on the issue -also im gay and adopted so my views are rather strong on this topic – please contact me w/ any questions or problems ASAP as they develop — do not wait to the last minute to ask for help! thanks 🙂



**you can use sources/information from each source needed from the annotated essay attached – means you don’t need to find/search for the sources.






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