Play Age of Empires II or III play the game and have your Empire/Island Dynasty to a point that you can…

Play Age of Empires II or III

play the game and have your Empire/Island Dynasty to a point that you can answer the related questions.


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What game did you play?

Tell me about your Resource Demand and Supply. How did you choose to allocate your resources both in labor and physical resources? What did you determine you needed to obtain right away for your Empire to begin to grow? Was this a temporary resource or was it something you found you had to maintain a high supply throughout the game? What did you find was the most important resource in your Empire at the end of your play? Were there any cost changes for your resources throughout the game? If there were, what were they? Why do you think there was a change?

What was your opportunity cost and your economic rent? Which Resource Market did you fall into? (A, B, or C) Why do you think you were in this market?

Tell me what you consider your market work, nonmarket work, and leisure within the game were. (Put yourself in the mind of your character for this question.) How did you balance your utility? What was your income within the game? How did you make sure to maintain it?

If you could pay the “workers” in your Empire, how would you choose who got paid what? What factors would contribute to the differences in wages? (Pages 179-181 should be a good starting point for the last question.)

What was the boundary of your firm? How did you decide if you should expand or stay where you were? Did you conduct any research before deciding to expand? What was that research? If you didn’t conduct any research do you think you should have in retrospect? What would that research have been?

How did you decide what to do in your market with the information not being perfect? Did you guess on what might happen? Did you observe other’s actions before making your own move? Explain your Marginal cost of a search, your marginal benefit of a search, and how you worked towards an optimal search? Did you find yourself in a Winner’s Curse situation? What happened? If not, how could you have ended up in one?

Do you see there being any Hidden Actions or a Principal-agent problem? What would that problem be? If you don’t think there is one in this game, is there another game where you could see this being a problem? Was there a Moral Hazard in the game? What was it? If not, what is a game where you can see one?

Would an auction site or area that involves real money work for this game like they do for EVE, WOW, and EQ? Why or why not? Would it be better if the game controlled the auction or if it was a free-for-all?

Based on what you have read in Synthetic Worlds, what would make this economy more fun? This should be a detailed answer based off all reading thus far in the course.


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