Physics Questions-Steps and formula needs to be seen.upload on microsoft word .Needed tonight

1.)Calculate the average speed if you run 40m in 10 seconds.

2.)Calculate the average speed of a cheeta that runs 130 meters in 4 seconds

3.)calculate the distance you will travel if you maintain an average speed of 10 kilometers per hour for a half hour.

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4.)Claculate the acceleration of a bus that goes from 10 kilometers per hour in 10 seconds

5.)On a distant planet a freely falling object gains speed at a stead rate of 15 meters per second during each second of fall.calculate the acceleration.

6.)Calculate the speed in meters per second of a snow border who accelerates from rest for 3 seconds down a ramp at an acceleration of 5 meters per secon squared



7.)Calculate the vertical distance an object dropped from rest  covers in 12 seconds of free fall.

8.)A ball is thrown straight up with an intitial speed of 30 neters per second.How high does it go and how long is it in the air neglecting its resistance.

9)What is the instantaneous valocity of a freely falling object  10 seconds after it is released from a position of rest.What is the average valocity during this 10 second interval?How far will it fall during this time

10.)If there were no air drag how far will drops fall from a cloud 1killometer above the earth surface(be glad that rain drops experience air drag in the fall when it falls


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