Physics MID TERM



The vertical acceleration of a projectile

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Choose one answer.


a. equals g pointing sometimes upwards and other times downwards



b. continuously increases



c. equals g pointing downwards



d. equals g pointing upwards



e. is zero


Question 2

The horizontal acceleration of a projectile

Choose one answer.


a. stays constant



b. sometimes decreases and sometimes increases



c. continuously increases



d. is zero



e. continuously decreases


Question 3

When an object reaches its terminal speed, its acceleration is zero.

Answer:  True False ?


Question 4

The horizontal speed of a projectile

Choose one answer.


a. stays constant



b. continuously decreases



c. is zero



d. continuously increases



e. sometimes decreases and sometimes increases


Question 5

The vertical speed of a projectile

Choose one answer.


a. is zero



b. continuously increases



c. stays constant



d. sometimes decreases and sometimes increases



e. continuously decreases


Question 6

All forces have specific directions associated with them.

Answer:  True False?


Question 7

If object A has more mass than object B,

Choose one answer.


a. A will weigh more than B.



b. A will be harder to keep moving in a circle.



c. A will be harder to accelerate than B.



d. all of the above


Question 8

The force that keeps your feet from sliding as you walk is

Choose one answer.


a. centripetal force



b. kinetic friction



c. static friction



d. weight


Question 9

Two forces of 4 N and 12 N act on a body simultaneously. The net force on the body is

Choose one answer.


a. 4 N



b. 12 N



c. impossible to tell from the given information



d. 8 N



e. 16 N


Question 10

As an object moves faster through the air, its terminal speed increases

Answer:  True False?


Question 11

If the net force on an object is zero,

Choose one answer.


a. the object’s acceleration must be zero



b. the object must be at rest



c. there must be no forces acting on the object



d. there can be no friction acting on the object


Question 12

You are presently exerting a gravitational force on the earth.

Answer:  True False ?

Question 13

 “Net force” means the vector sum of all the individual forces acting on a particular body.

Answer:  True False?


Question 14

An example of an action at a distance force is

Choose one answer.


a. static friction



b. weight



c. tension



d. kinetic friction



e. none of the above


Question 15

Which is larger, a newton or a pound?

Choose one answer.


a. a pound



b. This question is nonsense—they don’t measure the same physical quantity.



c. a newton



d. They are the same size.



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