Space weather is the study of how the space surrounding the Earth is affected by the sun’s violent activities such as coronal mass ejection, the influx of solar wind, and the eruption of a solar flare. If extremely high, these activities could paralyze GPS systems, electric power transmissions, and satellite communications. In order to prevent a catastrophic disaster, what would you suggest? For instance, do we have to invest more money into researching the sun’s activity?

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  I would think that the sun is the center of the universe and is our life source, Creating the gravitational pull that allows life on earth to exist the study of the sun is well funded.  However, if not the study of the sun to prolong the existence of our earth should be if not our number one study.  As far as the dangers associated with solar flares and other associated anomalies, I wud think if we could protect our satellites and our space stations and shuttles we could provide something of a larger magnitude that would protect our equipment here on earth at well.  At least to a certain degree.  We could also spend more money on capturing and turning that energy into useful power for us here on earth.


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