Respond casually to each (1050 words total)


Math (2 due tomorrow please, the rest Thursday)

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75 words


Do you agree with this answer? What else could you add?


Some “words of wisdom” to those who will begin Math 117 would be to give yourself enough time to learn and work through the problems.


Rushing and the pressure of trying to get the work done on the due date can cause you not to think a problem through or become frustrated sooner.

If you get stuck on a problem–SKIP IT and go on!


Most students work through problems that they know first; then they go back and use the textbook and MML to help them to figure out what to do.


Lastly but the most important–ASK FOR HELP!

Sometimes a clue or reassurance that you are doing okay truly helps boost your moral.


DON’T GIVE UP! Ask another student or post a problem for the class that you are having; maybe someone is good at what you are having a problem with and they can help you.



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Thanks!  🙂


Class, I hope you took advantage of using MyMathLab as a helpful resource to get the extra help needed to complete or understand the class work. MyMathLab offers examples and step by step breakdowns of work that you may not understand.


Students like the fact that MyMathLab gives many examples and will help solve problems countless amounts of times until they understand 100% of what they are doing. Even though some folks hardly use the study plan option in MyMathLab, it’s nice to see that it is available for someone who may want to use it.



Did you use MyMathLab in the role of your own private tutor?



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One great tool/habit to use in almost everything is to constantly check for any error!


In this class, we are sure to look over your quizzes and check to see what kinds of errors you are making. Sometimes it is a very simple concept that messes up all else. Once that is fixed, it becomes smooth sailing.



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Here are some interesting considerations …

Many are actually kind of amazed how many times algebra can play a part in everyday life.  Two situations in particular stand out in my mind right now …


Last winter, folks had a considerable snowfall.  A friend’s house sits at the end of a very long driveway.  Shoveling the snow is not an easy task.  I was teasing them about whether I should help him shovel. 


So, I came up with an algebraic equation to determine whether we would finish the shoveling quicker if we both worked together. 


The other situation was for the spring.  I was planning my spring garden planting and used some equations to determine the best way to use space.  My favorite plants are different sizes and I didn’t want to overcrowd my garden. 


I had the best garden ever, thanks to algebra … who knew?  🙂



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We try to view math as useful, even when we don’t really grasp its power (pardon the pun). For example, in a career as a manager for various food-service restaurants, a young lady said that she had the opportunity to use math concepts frequently. Whether using net sales amounts to determine food and payroll cost percentages or determining three day par levels that would enable the locations to ensure they are not wasting products, she had consistently used math.


This class has given us a different view on how to use complex equations to dig deeper into the budgets of the company we may work for and has allowed us the opportunity to teach these “new” concepts to classmates.


Class… do you think that teaching others helps us to learn the concepts better?



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Good response!  🙂

Many have determined that the concept that they will be able to apply to a job more often will be the information learned about quadratic equations and using the quadratic formula. Some companies are constantly rolling out new products and the quadratic formula could be useful in determining when these products should hit peak sales. Then, that information can be used to determine “how long” we should carry the product.


Students use MyMathLab constantly throughout this course. The study plan quizzes and the Chapter reviews can help to study for the upcoming exam.



Do you feel that by doing the work in MyMathLab first, this gave you the opportunity to ensure that you understood the information?


The HelpMeSolve and ShowMeAnExample were also great tools when we get stuck and just cannot figure out the answer. After viewing these, we can go back and try a different problem to see if we understood.




Finance (2 due tomorrow and the rest Thursday

75 words

Hi, Kristen and class ~ your choices are very relevant. Here’s why ~ while there are many factors that manager’s deal with such as strategy, supplies, and workforce issues ~ the real priority is always financial health. There’s a reason for this, which I am sure everyone will understand ~ if an organization fails to manage financially, it will inevitably fail its mission and close unless another organization thinks it would be a good investment ~ that said, a good investment is a financially healthy organization.

Thank you,



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Two of the most important concepts that I took away from this course would be learning the importance of analyzing a financial statement and the section 179 deduction. I think both of these concepts would be important to know as a healthcare manager. A manager needs to understand where there company stands financially and using both of these concepts would help make that process a little easier. 
The section 179 deduction would help save money by allowing the company to buy new equipment and to take the deduction all at once instead of a little at a time.This would come in very helpful for newly established business, and small companies, such as physicians offices.
By being able to analyze a financial statement, it allows the manager to keep track of their income, assets, liabilities and depreciations of equipment. This would make it easier for banks to establish their worth and their ability to repay a loan if they need to borrow company. It would allow the manager to see if raises, bonuses or extra time off would be an option for their employees. A financial statement is like the report card of the company’s financial health.It is a very essential document in not only healthcare but all business.     


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Hi Cathy and class ~ I understand your choices and they carry much weight. First, on depreciation ~ a manager should have some knowledge of tax planning ~ I mean it makes an executive feel more confident when a manager has a grasp of tax consequences. It’s a career booster. Second, on analysis of financial statements, the same holds true. Managers who can troubleshoot financial statements for key indicators such as ratios will always have a vantage point for financial planning and evaluation ~ which is also key to budget development and management.


75 words

  I completely forgot about section 179! It is a really great option for health care managers to have indeed. I am so used to businesses writing everything off at the end of the year that it completely slipped my mind. But I can see where it would be useful to health care facilities.


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I think that most people think of the patient care when they think of healthcare. It is hard sometimes to think of it in terms of a business. I learned that when I went from patient care nursing to clinical research. The sponsor can’t even think about starting a clinical trial at a healthcare facility until the contract and budget are in place.  




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Hi James and class ~ it is common to view health care business through the lens of patient care. That said, it is a business and that infers detailed financial management. The clinical side strives to heal and keep patients healthy. The financial side strives to heal and keep the organization healthy from a finance perspective. Little known secret ~ healthcare businesses that mind their finances ethically and properly also provide higher clinical outcomes for patients as well. It makes sense in that a financially health organization will be able to afford the necessary physicians and technology.



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I have worked in healthcare for a very long time, mostly on the patient care side. I have never really thought about the financial and patient care sides working together to provide a better service, but it does make sense. A financially secure institution will be able to pay the best doctors and have the most up to date technology. Thank you for enlightening me to this concept, it will be one I hold onto for the rest of my career.



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You are welcome, Cathy. The word “quality” in healthcare changed over the last 10-15 years. In most mission statements of hospitals, language now includes “delivering the highest quality of care, close to home…and managing our resources so we can remain a viable provider of healthcare in our community.”


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