Overview: For this essay I am providing plenty of structure and am requiring that you do secondary and primary/qualitative research to…

For this essay I am providing plenty of structure and am requiring that you do secondary and primary/qualitative research to delve further into the juvenile justice system of the town of Lyman, ME and Washington DC. This essay will have three formal parts. No need to create transitions between these parts; see them as three distinct parts that combine to make a summative paper. Label each section “Part I” and “Part II” and so forth.

As you will see Part I and Part II ask you to do research about a particular juvenile justice system. You may certainly use the internet (a good start) and then become more specific to eventually contacting someone in the actual court or office to conduct a brief phone interview. Parts I and II should be composed in third person and be economical in style. Parts I and II should be no more than two pages each (double-spaced, 1” margins all around); you will be distilling a lot of information into each section, so keep it straight forward and flowing. I suggest paraphrasing to save on space and time; however, feel free to quote directly from our sources, especially the phone interview. Part III should be a first person reflection on the work done in Parts I and II as explained below. Once again, this is one essay that has three parts that does not need an introduction or conclusion or transitions between the major parts.
Specific Composing Advice:
Part I: In no more than two pages (or 500 words), first describe the juvenile justice system in Lyman, ME. Describe the kinds of programs and duties performed by the court and/or its related offices using detail and description. You should begin making phone calls and try other ways of searching and attaining information. Finally, contact at least one person in the court or its affiliate and briefly interview them on the phone or via email seeking the following information:
• How many youths and families are serviced by your court or office in a year’s time?
• What major challenges does the court or office face in the near future? (funding, facilities, etc..)
• What is the most challenging thing you face, personally, in your present position?
Your two page summary here should be coherent and persuasive. You must balance summary and analysis here as well as incorporate a variety of information. This should be written in third person and follow MLA Style.
Part II: I would like you to do the same thing for Washington DC. Please find the same information and conduct the interview process detailed in Part I. Show that you can use the internet as a start and then find specifics and an appropriate person to phone interview asking the same questions as in Part I. As above, this section has a two page limit.

Part III: In this section of your paper, please compare and contrast the information you found in Parts I and II. Your comparison and contrast here does not have to be exhaustive; in fact, write about the information that you find most interesting. Also include some thoughts on your own expectations as you began the assignment as well as comments on your process of finding the information and any surprises or “bumps in the road” you encountered completing Parts I and II. Spend no more than 3 pages in this section. Include a “Works Cited” page composed in MLA Style for any sources used in Parts I, II, and III, to conclude this section.

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