operation management

 Six to eight pages in length (no more no less), exclusive of the reference page. It must be double spaced in Times New Roman font, 12 points in size. The paper should cite at least six sources in APA format. One source can be your textbook. Please make sure you review the Assignment Rubric.

The past 7 weeks, we learned about Operations Management and how its importance in organizational success. To demonstrate your understanding, please complete the following:

Select an organization; once you have, describe the importance of operations management (OM) for that organization.  You will then pick a country, or foreign market that the organization is planning to move operation into. Describe the country; completing a SWOT analysis; and describing the organization’s operations strategy for this new market. Describe the importance of project management techniques (e.g. PERT and CPM).  The importance of forecasting, as well as different approaches that may be implemented by you the OM. As a group you will also be required to describe the design of goods and services for this new market.  The design section should include the product development, issues for product design, ethics, and sustainability.  It also needs to discuss the managing operations (i.e. supply-chain management, inventory management, aggregate planning, and maintenance).  

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Please  make connections between the different topics as you move from one paragraph to the other. A table of contents will be required, as well as an abstract. Do not identify the question by numbering your answer. It should flow and please do not forget to write an introduction and a conclusion. 

Please use APA formattingr. A good resource to brush up on your APA skills is the OWL website – http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/


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