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Chapter 7 Assignment

                                                          Chapter 7 Activity: Evaluate a Floor Plan

        Use information from Chapter 7 to evaluate a floor plan. To select a plan, go to eplans,
         Complete the assignment below and write a one page paper about your plan and your evaluation of the plan. Then submit your paper along with the plan to Dropbox.

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          Enter your specifications for a house plan – it is not necessary to complete all sections but if no plans are found that meet your specifications, try adding, changing or omitting some of your specifications.

          Click on a house title to review details of that specific house.

          Click on the link labeled “See the floor plan”, on the upper right corner of the house picture.

          Print out the floor plan.

[Note: you can do a more detailed search by clicking on the Search tab and specifying more house attributes.]

          Now evaluate your floor plan according to the following checklist (see next page).

                  Floor Plan Evaluation Checklist
                                                                       Yes    No                           


All zones present
Zones are split without reason
Can move between zones without crossing a third zone
Position of front entry centralized
Short circulation paths
Dining room convenient to kitchen
Kitchen near garage or service entry
No room serving as hallway
Organization of Space                                                                  
Front entry set off from living area
Entry closet present
Concentrated plumbing
Minimal hallway space
Laundry positioned conveniently
Closet positioned near bedroom doors
Storage space in each room
Kitchen work triangle undisturbed by traffic
All kitchen work centers present
Room sizes adequate for activities
Bath or bedroom not visible from public areas
Use of buffers in bedrooms
How well does this plan fit the household for which it was designed?
    1. Poor
    2. Acceptable
    3. Fair
    4. Good
    5. Excellent

 Total Score (1 point for each “yes” plus the number of the overall ranking)


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