Nursing homework help

Part 2: Infographic

Create  an infographic on the importance of PREVENTATIVE SCREENINGS FOR AFRICAN AMERICAN OLDER WOMEN.  Include at least (2)  two scholarly sources, cited per APA on the infographic where used and  add the references at the bottom of the infographic.

Choose  one older adult community population (African American women) and create an infographic on a topic of  preventative screenings for this population. Choose to focus  on one specific preventative screening (like colonoscopy) or one  specific vaccine (like pneumovax).

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View  websites on how to create an 8 X 11.5 color infographic (one-page Word  or pdf. document), but do not purchase formatting options.

Assignment Expectations:

Length: One-page

Structure: One-page colored infographic

References:  Use appropriate APA style in-text citations and references for all  resources utilized to answer the questions.  A minimum of two (2)  scholarly sources are required for this assignment. Citations on  infographic where used, references at the bottom of infographic.