Nursing Assignment Help

Purpose of Assessment 

Patient safety is defined as the prevention of harm to patients, and freedom from preventable injuries associated with healthcare.

The purpose of this assessment is for students to identify factors that could cause harm or injury to vulnerable patients during their hospitalization. Students will share their learning via an e-poster.

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Task You need to design an e-poster based on ONE of the patient scenarios provided. Your poster will illustrate and explain:

1. The age and lifespan developmental stage of the identified patient.


2. THREE (3) specific types of harm/injury that the patient’s is at risk of during their hospitalization.

3. THREE (3) factors that increase the patient’s risk of harm/injury during their hospitalization (i.e. why your patient is vulnerable)

4. THREE (3) potential consequences of harm/injury for the identified patient.

5. THREE (3) strategies that you would use in your clinical practice to PREVENT these types of injuries or harm from occurring to patient. At least ONE (1) of these must be a communication strategy.  Nursing Assignment Help