Unit VII Newsletter

You are the leader of an organization and you are about to request that the reports end up on your desk in a more presentable fashion. Before making this request, you decide to provide an example of a more presentable report.

It is not always fun to read drab reports with large amounts of less than interesting data. The data is usually valuable, but it can be hidden behind a less than inviting presentation. For this assignment, you are asked to create a newsletter that reports the political risks, government relations factors, and recommendations to maintain alliances to support the best interests of an organization, or you as a professional international manager. This report should be designed to help you and your colleagues make important decisions about the included data.

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It does not have to be a newsletter. Consider other creative formats to help sell your ideas and to capture the interest of the reader. Keep in mind that you may be the reader.

Select an organization or create a fictitious one. If you create a fictitious organization, remember to be specific with the product or service it offers. Then, select a location (i.e., country) for the potential joint venture. The location will be the host country.

The newsletter or creative report must include the following: The first section (i.e., executive summary) must include at least the following:

o The product or service offered by the organization. BBA 4426, International Management 6o The potential opportunity.

o The location of the opportunity. A political risk section.

A government relations section. An alliance section. A creative format. At least one picture for each section. At least one headline for each section. Be easily legible (i.e., high contrast colors for text). The equivalent of two pages (8.5 inches x 11 inches).

Consider using templates that are available online. For instance, Microsoft Word offers templates for newsletters, brochures, and other types of documents. Using a template saves time on the layout of the document.

This assignment does not have to be in APA style. The writing you submit must be in your own words and include in- text citations where applicable.


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