new testament due tonight

Part 2: Short Answer

12.   Who wrote the Book of Acts?

13.   According to Acts 1:8, what are the three regions of growth that the church would expand through?

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14.   How did Peter become convinced that God freely accepts Gentiles as he does Jews?

15.   What is another name for Saul, the persecutor of the early church?

16.   What is another name for Cephas?

17.   According to Acts, in what city did such a strong ministry to Gentiles originate that Barnabas saw the need for Paul to come and help with the ministry there?

18.   In what key city did Paul spend most of his time on the second missionary journey? on the third missionary journey?

19.   According to class lecture, each missionary journey focused on one speech of Paul. What was the audience of each of those speeches?


Part 3: Essay 1 paragraph each question.

20.   What do Acts and the Letters of Paul tell us about the relationship between Jew, and what does it matter today? Cite at least three Bible passages.

21.   What is Paul’s perspective on homosexuality? How, if at all, should this inform our perspective on homosexuality? Cite Scripture in your discussion.

22.   How does a knowledge of cultural differences between the first century and today affect the way we read the New Testament? As an example discuss how you would read one passage differently based on your knowledge of first-century culture. (I may limit you to one specific book to find a passage from.)

23.   How does a knowledge of the situation of Paul’s audience affect the way we read the New Testament? Discuss one Bible passage as an example. (I will probably limit you to a specific book.)

24.   How does Paul use eschatology to motivate living in the present? Give an example from the Bible.

25.   What are some of the things Paul does in 1 Corinthians to address the problem of disunity in the church?

26.   A Bible verse was used in class as the basis for “the bridge diagram.” Write out the verse and discuss the diagram.

27.   In Paul’s view, what is the purpose of the Jewish Law? Cite Scripture.

28.   What is the Colossian heresy? How does Paul respond to it?

29.   In Philippians 2:12 Paul tells the church to “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.” How does this NOT contradict his statement that we are not saved by works?

30.   What does the word “resurrection” mean? Why is the doctrine of the resurrection significant to Paul? In what passage(s) does Paul speak of its significance?

31.   What is the rapture? What is the difference between pritribulationism and posttibulationism?

32.   What are “spiritual gifts”? What do the letters of Paul say about them?

33.   It is sometimes claimed that Jesus and Paul proclaimed a very different sort of religion from one another. How would you respond to this claim?

34.   In what ways did Peter and Paul both parallel Jesus in Luke-Acts? In what way did they not parallel Jesus?

35.   What is the significance of Stephen’s speech in Acts 7?




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