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Digital forensics has led to the development of strategies and approaches that can be used in a court of law to prove that a crime was committed through the internet (Nnoli et al., 2012). Conviction of these cases have played a considerable role in changing how crimes are committed and a proof that no matter how a crime is committed, evidence should always be obtained. In the past, criminals should have gotten away with such crimes. Digital forensics has, however, been used to solve such crimes and bring them to a smooth and stable solution.

Regardless of how developed, an organization is, once a crime has been committed, it is hard to go back to the previous state as businesses and trust are highly impacted and affected by these events. Businesses should include digital forensics in their risk management policies (Nnoli et al., 2012). These policies can collect evidence through computers, and this knowledge is used to prevent hacking and attacks. Being well prepared can significantly reduce the cost of potential investigation that the organization will have to undertake once a hack occurs. The risk management policies can be used to steer and point the organization in the right direction and help prevent such risks from taking place (Nnoli et al., 2012). Implementation of these policies can establish internal guidelines that employees and contractors must adhere to when in the organization. It can also be used to understand how unauthorized people can physically and technically access information within the organization and help organizations remain compliant with the guidelines by the organization.

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When a cyber crime happens it is basically because of some sort of criminal activities that has been related to computers, technology and everything around it happens in a digital format. Digital forensics is the part where there is a search for material or evidence in order to fight against the criminal activities that has happened in the digital environment which normally involves computers and digital information that is stored in computers.

            Forensics can basically be implemented by certain techniques that are dedicated to digital data. When all of this information that has been gathered by the organization is being stored in the form of hard drives or even in the cloud, the organization can spend extra money for security reasons and ensure that all this data is being imaged. Now with all this data imaged, there can be a specialized software that can be run on these imaged data to ensure that all the information is safe and secure and that there is lesser chance of any fraudulent activities occurring on this data and there’s also less fraudulent activities that can occur from this data.

            It is extremely important that all these images should be created at very high speeds in order to ensure that there is no leak of information that happens to the outside world and that there is a very high level of security that is involved in this entire process as there can be a lot of customers data that is involved in this whole process.

In order to implement such practices there needs to be an expert who is on site in order to ensure and manage all of these activities that happen from time to time and therefore there are digital forensics investigators that organizations go out and hire in order to ensure that these activities are being managed by them and that the whole organization is being prepared for any such a risk related activity.

Digital forensics can be a department under the information technology wing in an organization because it is very important that the IT department basically sets up all the computers is in sync with the Digital forensics personnel and set up a plan in such a way that there is a clear-cut course of action that has been decided when it comes to handling the data that is on the companies devices and on the cloud platform that have been rented by the organization.

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