need more information on police reports added to the attached file. Then, Address the following, so it can be added to the responses in assignment:


I need more information on police reports added to the attached file.  Then, Address the following, so it can be added to the responses in assignment: (I need it today, (if possible) Friday the 21st, so I can finish it this evening.)


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You are in charge of the internal affairs bureau, and your chief has asked you to begin brainstorming the creation of a citizen’s review board. Using information developed from researching how other communities have addressed this issue, answer the following questions:




1.      Knowing that there is no single model of what a review board should look like, what type of oversight system would you recommend? Why?


2.      At what point in the process would you reach out to the community for input? Why?


3.      What are the pros and cons of having a citizen’s review board? Be specific in your response.


4.      Are there any legal issues that need to be addressed? If so, what are they?






Using the following Week 4 Scenario: You and your partner are on surveillance at a local office supply store. A confidential informant provided a tip that the store might be robbed shortly after closing time. Further information reveals that the informant received the tip from an acquaintance of his and that she is a known drug addict and therefore, you must take it for what it is worth. However, several office supply stores have been robbed in a similar fashion in neighboring counties. You receive a sketchy description of two Asian men who might be involved in the other robberies. The dispatcher notifies you that a citizen at a nearby strip mall heard what she thought were gunfire in the parking lot. Since you were close by, you and your partner head over to the shopping center.


Upon your arrival, the witness tells you that she “might have” heard gunfire and saw what appeared to be an Asian male walk into one of the stores while possibly carrying a gun in his back pocket. Shortly afterwards, an Asian man walks out of one of the stores and proceeds to the parking lot. You and your partner draw your weapons and order the man to get on the ground with his hands above his head. An Asian female gets out of a car located close to the suspect and starts yelling at you and your partner, wanting to know why her husband is on the ground. Following procedures, your partner orders the female back into the car, but she becomes hysterical and has to be restrained. Seeing what is happening to his wife, the suspect becomes agitated and tries to get up to help his wife. He is subdued and placed in handcuffs. He is arrested for resisting arrest as well as other charges. Several days later, your chief notifies you that the man has filed suit for violation of his civil rights. 







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