need help with a 5 pages double spaced paper

uses Turabian or


Chicago-style formatting. Basically, 1” margins, 12-point Times New Roman font, and “source”

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citations like those in the “example.” Your mid-term submission will have two sections,

“summary” and “analysis,” and may not exceed 5-pages for the answer.

A cover page is required, using the same information that appears on the cover page of the

“example.” Pages are numbered, but not the cover page. The cover page and any listing of

sources do not count towards the 5-page maximum length. Proper grammar, punctuation, and

spelling are necessary to avoid penalty.

The “summary” should state all the facts necessary to answer the mid-term question. The

“analysis” should explain what the facts mean to any person, group, or other human entity. This

mid-term examination is designed to require up to eighteen (18) hours of your time. One-third of

that time for reading and research, one-third of that time for writing, and the remaining one-third

of your time devoted to proofreading and document preparation. Of course, if you require

technical assistance from an outside source, that time frame is not included in the pro forma


Most of your will spend between four and eight hours on this assignment; and, from time of

distribution of this assignment there are over three-hundred (300) hours available for its

completion. Submissions without proper source citations will be penalized. Any plagiarism will

result in no credit being issued for the submission; and, likely referral to an academic Dean.

Mid-term Examination Question: To the best of your ability, please explain what is meant by

“marketing strategy and tactics” (Kerin et al. 2013, 42), and “marketing research” (192); and

how they are related to the “marketing mix” (654).


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