My essay is for administration to college. Here are the details. It is a personal response so it may be…

My essay is for administration to college. Here are the details. It is a personal response so it may be a little tough. The topic is, “Discuss a challenge you have faced in the last four years. How did you overcome this difficulty or what lesson did you learn from this situation.” So let me tell you what i was hoping to write about. In 2009 my father unfortunatly left my family (those reason which are too personal) but the whole point is that he left. He left behind a loyal faithful woman and four kids. As you can imagine, it was a huge struggle. It was extremely painful and made every single one of us feel as if everything was a lie. But during the pain and witnessing my mother be torn to pieces I learned that not everything in life is perfect. Not everything has a happy ending but when somethihng good ends i shouldn’t mourn over it no matter how good it was. I have to move forward with my life. My mother taught me how to be strong and how to work hard to get what I want. Not only that but I learned to mature and take care of my younger siblings while my mom had to work to make ends meet. At 13 I had become a young mother, feeding, bathing and teaching my brother and sister the ways of life. Because of all the chaos that was surrounding me my grades dropped dangerously but one way or another I managed to get them up. Now, I have learned to forgive and forget becayse regardless of the mistakes he made and the grand loss of his family I have learned to respect my father be cause he is still humkan and sometimes people act far before they think. I know he regrets what he did but my moyhter has forgiven him, but not taken him back. (The essay must be 2 pages minimum)


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