MGMT501 research methods paper on Qualitative research. 450-600 words- APA format

The focus of the paper is on motivation.


Article chosen: (I attached it as well)

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Assessing Individual-level Factors Supporting Student Intrinsic Motivation in Online Discussions: A Qualitative Study.

Shroff, Ronnie H; Vogel, Douglas R; Coombes, John. Journal of Information Systems Education19. 1 (Spring 2008): 111-126. 


Write a short paper (450-600 words) that demonstrates a brief analysis of the qualitative research article you selected. You are to write your paper in such a way as to answer the questions/issues below. However, do not include the list on your paper. Instead, let the items guide the content expressed in your paper, which should be in typical paragraph form.

·      State the research problem or issue in the study.

·      State the hypothesis/questions or objectives. Were they stated clearly?

·      What questionnaires/survey instruments were used to answer the problem?

·      What was the population used in the study? Was there a sample used? If so, how was the sample selected? How many were in the sample?

·      What were the statistical techniques used to analyze the data?

·      Identify and report/discuss model or models that are associated with the study or are developed from the study.



The paper must be written in APA format with a title page, abstract and reference page. 





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