Medical Marijuana in the Workplace

Medical Marijuana in the Workplace

English Persuasive Essay Medical Marijuana Unfairness Cannabis Sativa (marijuana) has been around for thousands of years. It’s a plant that grows native to Africa and Asia. But it has been exported all over the world and used for its physcoative ingredients known as THC. The THC gives you a feeling of being high and is now illegal is the single most used elicit substance on the planet today. (Wikipedia) Marijuana has been used for many different reasons over the last couple thousand years.

Many businesses in the states that legalized marijuana have a zero tolerance law regardless even if you have a medical prescription or not.

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Myself others are dissatisfied with the way those companies are handling those kind of situations. Marijuana has been used for medical purpose for quite some time now and there is a lot of controversy whether it should be tolerated in the workplace. These people need this drug to function normally because of the diseases or conditions they have and should not be penalized for that when they are trying to make a living in today’s harsh economical world.


The medical marijuana users have no other choice because this is the best way to help their illness and you shouldn’t be judged because of that.

There are many other drugs that are illegal to have in your possession unless you have a prescription, such as morphine and oxycotton which are strong pain killers. People don’t get fired for having a prescription to those medications and there illegal for recreation use as well? The same goes for marijuana. I think that they should make an exception of the zero tolerance law for the people that have prescriptions to use marijuana. First off Marijuana is used for many different healing purposes. Such has alleviating severe pain, controlling diet such as eating disorders or extreme loss of appetite, anxiety and much more. Medical Marijuana) I do not think that it’s morally right to deny or fire someone from a workplace that has a medical marijuana prescription for a severe disease such as cancer or leukemia. It is not their fault that they contracted this disease and then they finally found medicine that will help that in their time or need and companies are going to put these people out of work? To me that just sounds horrible regardless of if it’s illegal for recreational use. Like when Nick Stennet of California (proquest) informed his employers about his medical marijuana prescription for his severe Poland’s syndrome.

Poland’s Syndrome affects the muscles in his body including the chest and arms. Nick was left without a job because he tested positive for THC on his standard drug test. This man needs that drug to function the way normal human beings due on a daily basis and if that company is going to fire him because of his illness. This to me sounds like these businesses are firing workers because of their illness, and just because there is something wrong with someone doesn’t mean there not capable of doing something.Medical Marijuana in the Workplace

There are many other medical drugs out there that are illegal to have unless you have a prescription. What’s the difference with marijuana? It’s illegal for recreation use and you can only use it if you have a prescription. And those other drugs give u side effects that can still alter the way you work. It just doesn’t make any sense. Some people may say that medical marijuana users may exhibit poor work ethic due to the side effects of the drug. That may be the case but most of the time it’s the complete opposite.

The marijuana is relieving the pain or other symptoms that normally would drastically affect the work of the employee, that’s the whole point of distributing the prescription (sirs knowledge source) . Also people say that if they are getting a prescription they can easy get their hands on more marijuana and sell it on the street and to other workers for more money. If companies are really worried about employees selling marijuana in their place of work they can order some kind of penalties toward that or a search to insure that there work place remains drug free.

I have found that many people in the states that allow medical marijuana have trouble with their jobs. Many find themselves fired or in a nasty lawsuit with the company. I think that it’s wrong that these businesses are willing to fire someone because of their method of treatment for their deadly illness. The zero tolerance law in states with medical marijuana should be and will be revised so that medical users will be allow to obtain and hold certain jobs regardless if the company agrees with their choice or not. (proquest)

Medical Marijuana in the Workplace